solar panels and wind turbine producing clean energy


Creating a cleaner, healthier environment where we can all live and thrive is one of our top priorities. DTE has set a bold goal to achieve net zero carbon emissions for our electric company by 2050. This goal is a continuation of our existing commitment to reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2040. But we’re not stopping there. As Michigan’s largest investor in renewable energy, we have driven investments of $2.8 billion in wind farms and solar arrays since 2009, providing enough clean energy to power 700,000 homes. While we work to make our environmental footprint cleaner and more sustainable, we also partner with nonprofits across the state to improve the natural beauty that can be found all around us, from the Great Lakes to Michigan’s forests.


diverting recyclable materials from landfills

700 K homes

powered by clean energy

sites certified by the Wildlife Habitat Council


residential customers and participants enrolled in MIGreenPower

investing in renewable energy to cut carbon emissions

$3 billion
invested in wind farms and solar arrays since 2009


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