Improving reliability in Wayne

We are committed to delivering reliable power to you, and we have accelerated our improvement work throughout your community. This page illustrates what we’re doing in and around Wayne to help ensure you continue to have the energy you need, when you need it.

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Actions we’re taking to improve reliability

  • Accelerating tree trim efforts in the area
  • Completing further analysis
  • Updating and replacing poles, crossarms and other equipment as needed

Reliability improvement in your community is happening now

Graph Wayne

Planning & Assessment determines what needs to be done to improve service in your community and continually monitors and reassesses work to determine if plans need to be adjusted.

Tree Trimming involves sending arborists and trimming crews to remove branches near lines, resulting in immediate reduction of outage risk (about 70% of outage hours are due to trees).

Infrastructure Upgrades are made to equipment that is older or in need of repair or replacement, which modernizes and strengthens the grid in your area.

Benefits to the community

Improve reliability for about 9,200 customers in Wayne

  • Fewer outages
  • Shorter restoration time
  • Improved resiliency of the electric system during severe weather conditions
  • Support future growth in the area

Area of improvements

Highlights on the map show where we are increasing tree trimming around power lines and repairing or upgrading equipment. This work should improve the power reliability for nearby residents.

graphic map of the Wayne area