Building a stronger Wayne County

We realize that you rely on electricity to live, work and connect with family and friends. That’s why we are committed to providing safe, dependable and affordable power 24-hours a day to communities across Southeast Michigan. For the past three years, we have been investing nearly $1 billion a year in electric infrastructure upgrades and smart technology.  But as we have seen from the back-to-back storms this summer, there is much more work to do and we will continue to improve your reliability.  Over the next two years, we will invest more than $370 million into the electric infrastructure in Wayne County. Here is a look at some of the projects we are currently working on or recently completed in Wayne County.

Our crews at work in Wayne County


Inkster gets targeted infrastructure upgrades

Improvements in Livonia

Improving reliability in Livonia

Detroit District 6

Reliability work happening in Detroit District 6

Accelerating infrastructure work in Wayne

Accelerating infrastructure work in Wayne

Reliability work happening in Harper Woods

Reliability work happening in Harper Woods

Investing $300 million to ensure reliable and adequate power – Downtown, Midtown

Investing $300 million to ensure reliable power – Downtown, Midtown

Mack substation – east side of Detroit

Substation upgrades help repower the east side of Detroit

Overhead reliability work - Grosse Pointe Shores, Woods, Farms

Improving reliability in Grosse Pointe Shores, Woods, Farms