Improving reliability in Detroit’s Corktown, Southwest areas

Boynton, Carbon Works, Central Southwest, Chadsey Condon, Clayton, Core City, Corktown, Delray, Hubbard Farms, Hubbard Richard, Jeffries, Mexicantown, Michigan-Martin, North Corktown, Oakwood Heights, Springwells, West Side Industrial and Woodbridge

We’re working to build a stronger, more modern grid to ensure you have reliable power now and far in the future. That’s why we’re rebuilding and upgrading the electric infrastructure in Detroit’s Corktown and Southwest neighborhoods. When the work is complete, our customers will see improved reliability and safety; reduced number of power outages; and increased grid capacity. The additional capacity will support the move toward cleaner energy solutions like electric vehicles, as well as new and existing residents and businesses.

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Actions we’re taking to improve reliability in Corktown and Southwest areas

  • Expanding and modernizing the substations that deliver power to homes and businesses.
  • Installing new underground and overhead wires, transformers and other electrical equipment.
  • Installing new, stronger utility poles.
  • Replacing wood crossarms with fiberglass crossarms on utility poles, which reduces wire down events during extreme weather.
  • Hardening miles of infrastructure.
  • Inspecting and upgrading miles of circuits.
  • Installing smart grid devices, which can reroute power to many customers during an outage.
  • Trimming miles of trees growing close to power lines.

Areas of improvement
See work happening in your neighborhood with our electric reliability improvements map.