We are working to modernize our infrastructure to deliver more reliable power to customers across the communities we serve. As part of this work, we are investing $165 million to rebuild the infrastructure that delivers power to homes and businesses in the Corktown and West Riverfront areas of the city. 

The project, which began in fall 2022 and is expected to be completed in 2027, involves upgrading more than 30 miles of poles, power lines, transformers and electrical equipment. It also includes trimming trees along power lines and installing smart grid technology.  

When completed, customers served by the updated substation and equipment in this area are expected to experience 90% reliability. The work will also increase the grid’s capacity to support growth and expand electric energy options like electric vehicles.  

Work progress 

October 2022 – January 2024: Crews worked in alleyways along Michigan Avenue to install new utility poles and wires and trim trees.

February 2024 – May 2024 Crews worked on St. Anne Street and West Vernor Highway in the Corktown neighborhood. So far, crews have replaced more than four miles of infrastructure, including installing more than 200 new, stronger power poles and pole-top equipment.

Summer 2024: Over the next few months, we’re installing new, upgraded power lines, transformers and 70 power poles and trimming trees in Corktown (between Michigan Avenue and Fisher Freeway and from Trumbull Street to the Lodge Freeway) and in the West Side Industrial neighborhood (West Lafayette Boulevard and West Ford Street from Eighth Street to the Lodge Freeway).  

When will my power reliability improve? 

During a rebuild, we construct the new poles, power lines and other electrical equipment right next to the old equipment. We do this, so customers can continue to have power while we rebuild the system. Customers will experience some improvement in their reliability when the new poles and wires are installed. 

Once a section of the new equipment is fully built, we will switch customers from the old system to the new one powered by the new Corktown Substation. At this time, customers will begin seeing the full 90% reliability improvement. 

You will see more work like this as we continue to execute our plan to build the grid of the future: transitioning to a smart grid, upgrading existing infrastructure, rebuilding significant portions of the grid and trimming trees. You can stay up to date with this work by using our Power Improvements Map. Find more information on the work taking place in Corktown by visiting our Corktown community page.