Empowering the city of Detroit

We’re dedicated to providing our Motor City customers with the power they need and the reliability they deserve. That’s why we’re building a stronger, more modern grid throughout the city. By rebuilding and upgrading the infrastructure that powers Detroit, we will provide safer, more reliable power to customers and have greater capacity to support the city’s growing energy needs now and far into the future.

See work happening in your community with our reliability improvements map. 

See updates happening in your community

power lines on a gloomy day

Downtown, Midtown area neighborhoods

DTE truck power lines and fall leaves

Corktown, Southwest area neighborhoods

DTE truck power lines and fall leaves

Central neighborhoods

DTE truck power lines and fall leaves

East side neighborhoods

DTE truck power lines and fall leaves

West side neighborhoods

Reliability improvements

Tree trimming                                       

Trees that come in contact with power lines account for 70% of the time our customers are without power. Trimming trees helps prevent outages, especially during extreme weather.

Upgrading existing infrastructure

We’re inspecting and reinforcing/replacing utility poles, power lines and other electrical equipment, when needed, to ensure our system delivers the reliable power you need, when you need it. 

Rebuilding significant portions of the grid

We’re removing and replacing some of our oldest infrastructure. Rebuilding portions of the grid greatly improves resiliency and reliability. During this rebuild, there may be strategic opportunities to move wires underground.

Accelerating our transition to a smart grid

We are installing smart grid technology into our infrastructure, which allows us to reroute power to customers during an outage. It also enables our crews to perform repairs safely and more quickly.