The biggest shift in the energy industry in decades is happening now and DTE Energy is navigating this transformation with a focus on sustaining Michigan with reliable, affordable power.


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DeMille Solar Farm, Lapeer, Michigan

DTE Energy announces plan to reduce carbon emissions by 80 percent

Today, DTE Energy announced a broad sustainability initiative…

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Gerry Anderson, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer - DTE Energy

CEO Gerry Anderson delivers “meeting the climate change challenge” lecture at Notre Dame

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DTE Complex for wildlife certification, pics of grounds, flowering trees, plants, etc.
May 9, 2013

DTE Energy reports first quarter 2017 results

Today, DTE Energy reported strong first quarter 2017 earnings…
DTE Energy chairman and CEO Gerry Anderson speaking with NBC News

DTE Energy CEO tells NBC News, “It’s time to move to new generation sources”

Michigan’s electric infrastructure is going through the most…