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Yasmeen Bazzi

How a heart condition led co-op to engineering

February 21, 2018/by RoNeishaMullen

From ice storms to hurricanes: On the front lines of mutual assistance

February 19, 2018/by Amanda Knaebel

DTE Leader takes helm of Michigan Minority Supplier Development Council

February 16, 2018/by Lisa Bolla

Taking inventory of Michigan’s infrastructure and planning upgrades together saves time, money and resources

February 16, 2018/by Randi Berris
Energy Savings

Love your business? Show it this Valentine’s Day with a special gift of energy savings

February 14, 2018/by Je'well Pearson

GALLERY: Powering Puerto Rico – Day 23

February 14, 2018/by Amanda Knaebel

DTE builds on commitment to invest in Michigan businesses

February 13, 2018/by Lisa Bolla

DTE Energy sponsors Michigan Battle of the Buildings competition, encouraging businesses to be energy efficient

February 12, 2018/by DTE Social Media Team

MIGreenPower small business spotlight: The Getup Vintage

February 12, 2018/by DTE Social Media Team

Home grown: African American inventors from Michigan

February 9, 2018/by DTE Social Media Team

The beginning of a new journey for Randolph Career Technical Center [Podcast]

February 7, 2018/by David Lingholm

Beat the winter blues

February 7, 2018/by Je'well Pearson

DTE sponsored ‘Robogators’ make a positive impact in their community

February 6, 2018/by Jack Reynolds

Enjoy these Black History Month events across Michigan

February 5, 2018/by DTE Social Media Team

Devices that keep household germs and bacteria at bay

February 3, 2018/by DTE Social Media Team
Energy Grid

Creating a smarter energy grid for our customers

February 2, 2018/by Randi Berris
Gas leak

Do you think you might have a gas leak? Call us. When in doubt, we’ll check it out.

February 1, 2018/by John Fossen
Bald Eagles

Special guests observe bald eagles thriving at Monroe Power Plant

February 1, 2018/by DTE Social Media Team

Day in the life of our linemen in Puerto Rico

February 1, 2018/by Amanda Knaebel
J.D. Power Awards

Highest in business – and with the hardware to prove it

January 31, 2018/by Brian Smith

Treating medical needs in the jungles of Puerto Rico

January 31, 2018/by Amanda Knaebel
Robotics student

From scotch tape and cardboard to robots: Anika Jane Beamer

January 31, 2018/by Jack Reynolds
Detroit Youth

GDYT looks to employ 8,000 Detroit youth

January 31, 2018/by Stephen Tait

Restoring power safely means paying attention to the smallest details

January 31, 2018/by David Lingholm
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