In a cozy neighborhood in Royal Oak, a dedicated DTE Energy overhead line crew is making a significant difference. They are upgrading an old, weather-worn pole on Elmhurst Avenue, enhancing both the safety and reliability for residents.

The crew also upgraded the pole-top equipment and installed new fiberglass cross arms, a more durable material than the previously used wooden cross arms. Fiberglass is less susceptible to damage from wind and weather conditions, ensuring a longer lifespan and fewer maintenance issues.

In addition to these upgrades, the crew installed a new streetlight to ensure a well-lit street for safety. This not only enhances visibility for residents but also contributes to a safer environment for pedestrians and drivers.

But the crew didn’t stop there. They also moved the pole away from the street corner, an important step for additional traffic safety. This thoughtful placement demonstrates our commitment to the well-being of the community we serve.

Upgrades like this are part of our work to build the grid of the future. This includes transitioning to a smart grid, updating existing infrastructure, rebuilding older sections of the grid and trimming trees.   

To stay informed about ongoing projects you can explore DTE Energy’s electric reliability improvements map or visit Empowering Michigan’s reliability improvements webpage.