On the residential street of Jeffrey Avenue in Royal Oak, crews are working diligently to ensure the reliability and safety of our power supply, continuing our commitment to build the grid of the future. 

The project began with the placement of a new pole in front of an aging one, weathered by time and the elements. This strategic placement allows for a seamless transition, with the old pole set to be removed once all necessary equipment has been transferred to the new one. 

Main electrical lines will be moved to the new pole, a task requiring precision and expertise. This move enhances the safety of the grid, ensuring a reliable power supply for the residents of Oakland County. 

In addition to relocating the lines, the crew will install new, durable pole-top equipment, including a fiberglass cross arm—a material far more resilient to wind and weather than the previously used wooden cross arms. This upgrade enhances the longevity of our infrastructure and significantly reduces maintenance issues. 

This work on Jeffrey Avenue is part of our broader commitment to build the grid of the future. Our strategy includes transitioning to a smart grid, updating existing infrastructure, rebuilding older sections of the grid and trimming trees. Each of these steps is crucial in improving the safety and capacity of the grid. 

A reliable and resilient infrastructure helps ensure power for customers. We invite you to stay informed about our ongoing projects by going to our electric reliability improvements map or by visiting empoweringmichigan.com/reliability-improvements