DTE is working to improve Ann Arbor’s reliability and keep the power on for its residents through our four-point plan. As our customers’ needs change, we are finding ways to meet the improve our grid through in multiple ways. 70% of the time our customers spend without power is because of fallen trees. So, we completed trimming along nearly 600 miles of trees in Washtenaw County in 2022 alone. We are also upgrading existing infrastructure in the downtown, north and northwestern areas of Ann Arbor. Jobs like the one pictured show the kind of upgrades that are taking place to improve reliability.  

Crews were on Red Oak Road installing new poles with new cross arms and other pole top equipment as a part of a hardening and conversion project. The goal of this project is to increase the amount of electricity that can be provided from the nearby substation and reliably supply it to our customers. This upgraded equipment also includes bigger wire sizes which will help to conduct more electricity and they are also more durable to withstand extreme weather in the future.  

To stay up to date with the upgrades taking place in your area, be sure to check the electric reliability improvements map and look at our Ann Arbor community page to read about new updates.