Summer is around the corner, so make sure your home is ready to embrace all that summer has to offer. As temperatures rise, so does your energy use – upwards of 30% because of changing habits like cooling your home. With these tips and tricks, you can make the most of your energy this summer.  

Keeping your home cool can demand a lot of energy. Managing your electric use when the weather is hot and humid is key to controlling your monthly energy costs. When it comes to comfort and control, it’s important to remember the four factors to help you and your energy bill stay cool this season.   

  • Energy Usage: Half the cost of your energy bill comes from cooling your home. Adjust your thermostat to pre-cool your home before 3 p.m. to take advantage of lower, off-peak rates. 
  • Fluctuation in Temps: When things heat up outside, turn your thermostat up a few degrees or to the recommended summer setting of 78 degrees to keep your energy costs down.  
  • Monthly Billing Cycle: Cycles can run from 26 to 35 days, so monthly bills may vary based on the number of days.  
  • Household Changes: Are your kids home from school during the day or home from college all summer long? More people in your home can mean more electric use. Switch to energy efficient appliances to help you save.  

Get ahead of the summer heat and take advantage of these simple tips and tricks to maximize your energy savings and summertime fun.  

  • On sunny days, close blinds and shades on sun-facing windows to block out heat and stay comfortable. You can also plant trees to provide additional, natural shade for your home. Plant the right tree in the right place – always think about the mature height and width of the tree if you’re planting directly near a powerline. View tree planting recommendations here
  • Give your kitchen a break and use a microwave or outdoor grill to cook instead of your oven, which generates heat that can cause your AC to work overtime. If you do cook in the kitchen, turn on your exhaust fan to move the hot air outside. 
  • Postpone doing laundry, washing your dishes or running your dishwasher until after 7 p.m. when rates go back down and outdoor temperatures have cooled.  
  • Let your dishes air dry in the dishwasher instead of using the heated drying fan feature, which can leak heat into your kitchen, raising indoor temperatures and humidity levels.  
  • Change your home air filter regularly. A dirty HVAC filter can slow down air flow and make your system work harder to keep you cool, wasting energy. It’s recommended you change your filters at the start of the summer and at least every 3 months to keep your system optimally running.  
  • Download the free DTE Insight app to help you understand, manage and control the energy that powers your home and life. Visit DTE Insight Overview | DTE Energy. 

Planning ahead and using these tips can help you save money and keep everyone comfortable this summer. For more tips on staying comfortable while saving energy this summer, visit dteenergy.com/staycool.