The holidays are among us, and it’s time to get in the holiday spirit. This means it’s time to sing holiday carols and drape your home with bright lights and holiday-themed decorations. While decorating can be fun and joyful, there are safety precautions to be aware of before starting. Here are some safety tips to help you prevent any dangerous situations while decorating this year:

  • Check for any broken bulbs. Before you decide what lights to use, check to see if there are any broken bulbs, cracked fixtures or wires sticking out. If there are any problems with your lights, this could lead to a fire or electrocution when plugging them in.
  • Use safety-tested lights/LED lights. Whether using lights inside or outside, use lights that have a UL label as this means they have been tested for fire and electrical safety. LED lights are a great investment because they last longer and don’t get too hot. This makes them a lot safer.
  • Survey your surroundings for safety hazards. When you begin to hang your lights, look at your surroundings for any safety hazards. This means keeping lights away from branches and wires if outside and away from carpets and furniture if inside.
  • Use indoor and outdoor lights. Keep your indoor lights separated from your outdoor lights. Because they don’t work the same, using indoor lights outdoors could damage your lights and raise the chances of electrocution.
  • Watch where you plug/place your lights – You don’t want to place your lights through windows or doors as this can cause wear and tear. You also don’t want to overload any outlet or extension cord because this can lead to overheating.
  • Remember to turn your lights off. After a long day of admiring your lights, remember to turn them off before you go to bed to save energy and money. Most importantly, this prevents possible fires caused by lights overheating.

Remember these tips while decorating your home, and you’re sure to have not only the best-looking home but the safest home in the neighborhood.