The headlines are filled with the news of rising natural gas prices, so you might be concerned about managing heating costs this winter. The U.S. government recently announced that homes using natural gas may spend 30 % more than they did last year, making this winter’s heating bills the highest since winter of 2008 – 2009.

We want you to know that DTE is well prepared for this winter after locking in nearly all the needed natural gas supply ahead of the recent price run up. This strategy successfully protects you from the current rising commodity costs during the winter heating months.

Our gas supply purchasing and planning department maintains a steady supply of natural gas for you, buying throughout the year before the gas is needed, and then storing it underground in naturally occurring rock formations. These reservoirs, located deep underground, hold the gas until demand increases. Michigan’s geology makes it ideal for storing gas thanks to rock formations that previously held oil and gas which has been extracted.

Buying natural gas in advance keeps the cost of natural gas, which is passed on to you at no markup, from increasing unexpectedly for you during the winter heating season. That means that the money the DTE saves when buying natural gas is money that stays in your pocket!

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