Courtney Taylor and Chelsea Gheesling have been best friends since middle school. Five years ago, they turned their friendship into something more, using their own funds and expertise to found Bundled. A gift-giving business that aims to do good for the world, Bundled utilizes Michigan-made products and provides job opportunities for individuals with disabilities. 

The idea for Bundled came to Courtney and Chelsea several years ago while creating a blog called Chick in the Mitt. They wrote about their travels throughout Michigan, going to local restaurants, shops, and events. They soon had a wealth of information on Michigan small business owners and products and thought, “we need to get these in people’s hands.” 

“When we first started Bundled, we were trying to figure out how we could be different and stand out from all the other gifting companies out there,” said Courtney. “That’s why we chose to utilize small businesses, 80% of which are in Michigan. For us, it’s about supporting small business owners while keeping things local and bringing money back into the state.”

Courtney and Chelsea want to help Michigan in other ways, too. They recently enrolled Bundled in DTE’s MIGreenPower program to attribute a percentage of the company’s electricity use to DTE’s wind and solar projects. As a gift packaging company, Bundled works to recycle and reuse materials as much as possible; MIGreenPower enables them to take their sustainability a step further. 

“As a small business, we can’t do as much as a large corporation when it comes to environmental initiatives,” said Courtney. “MIGreenPower aligns our goals with the way of the world and helps us create a cleaner Michigan for future generations. The program appealed to us because we can start small and see how we can grow from there.” 

Staying true to the things that are important to them is the number one priority for the Bundled team. Chelsea is the founder of Good Girl Comeback, a nationally recognized nonprofit that empowers teens to set goals that build confidence, kindness, and personal fulfillment. Courtney worked as a special education teacher for 15 years, a few of which she spent in a post high school program that helps transition young adults into the workplace. 

“Every day I saw how difficult it was for people with disabilities to gain meaningful employment,” said Courtney. “Most opportunities are volunteer positions, so the thing our staff is most excited about is making money, having a purpose and a reason to come into work each day.” 

Bundled is partnered with Services to Enhance Potential (STEP), a Wayne County nonprofit that provides support and services to individuals with disabilities and other mental health needs. The partnership enables Bundled to provide genuine job opportunities for these individuals while creating an inclusive environment at the company.  

“It’s so rewarding to see the dynamic and the friendships that are formed within our team, and how eager everyone is to work together,” said Courtney. “When we started Bundled, we really wanted to maintain our authenticity and create a culture of caring. Our products aren’t just gifts – they’re so much more. Our customers are supporting local small businesses, helping people with disabilities…that’s what sets us aside from others.”