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Beacon Park Sustainability Overview

Beacon Park 1901 Grand River Ave, Detroit, MI

At Beacon Park, we are working to minimize the effects of climate change and drive positive impact in our region. This overview shares how we are working to both maintain and improve Beacon Park, ultimately creating a more equitable, environmentally conscious and economically vital ecosystem.  

Beacon Park Video Backgrounds

Beacon Park 1901 Grand River Ave, Detroit, MI

Did you know you can change the background of a video call on Microsoft Teams? If you’re looking to change up your background for a video call, try using a Beacon Park background! Simply click one of the images below to download and save it, then follow these steps and be transported to the park’s […]


Hocus Pocus Shadow Cast at Beacon Park

Beacon Park 1901 Grand River Ave, Detroit, MI

Witches like the infamous Sanderson Sisters will run amok, amok, amok as the Ibis Theater presents its new Hocus Pocus Shadow Cast, a free event hosted at Beacon Park on Friday, Oct. 7, and Saturday, Oct. 8!  The Ibis Theater will bring the movie to life with a live Shadow Cast production. The cast will […]