Tree trimming crews were out recently in Oak Park, near Northfield Boulevard and Marlow Street, removing overgrown branches. Tree limbs that interfere with power lines can create a safety hazard, as well as an unstable (and unreliable) power connection. Tree trimming maintenance reduces the chances of power outages caused by inclement weather, improving overall energy reliability for the community.     

In late 2021, DTE made a $90 million investment to accelerate tree trimming efforts across the communities it serves, helping prevent outages during heavy storms. You can read more about that initiative here. Highlights include:     

  • Accelerating tree trimming work for communities hardest hit by recent storms last fall     
  • Increasing our tree trim workforce by 30%   
  • 5,700 miles of trees trimmed near power lines last year alone – the same number of miles between northern British Columbia and Detroit!  

If trees are creating a safety hazard near your home, please report it to DTE here. We prioritize safety concerns based on the severity of the hazard.