DTE crews have been working diligently to improve electric service for our customer in the East Village, Elmwood Park, Gold Coast, Indian Village, Islandview, Joseph Berry Sub, Lafayette Park, McDougall-Hunt, Rivertown and West Village neighborhoods of Detroit. We are investing around $270 million to upgrade and modernize the electric grid in the area. 

When the work is complete, DTE customers will see improved reliability, safety and restoration times; a reduced number of power outages; and increased grid capacity. The added capacity will support new developments, as well as our move to cleaner energy solutions like electric vehicles. 

As part of the project, our crews have been working to build a new state-of-the-art substation. This substation will have a greater capacity to support additional residents and businesses moving to the area. Over the past nine months, crews have accomplished the following:  

  • Cleared the land where the substation is being built. 
  • Excavated and laid out the foundation for the new substation. 
  • Began underground construction. This includes installing conduit (tubes that protect electric wires), foundations, manholes and more. Below ground construction is nearly complete.  
  • Began building substation roads, installing stones in the transformer pit and laying yard stones.  

The substation is expected to be completed by the end of 2023. 

Another part of the investment involves rebuilding the overhead and underground electrical distribution systems in the area. This includes removing and replacing the utility poles, wires, transformers and more that help deliver power to homes and businesses.  

To prepare for this work, which will begin in February, our arborists have been out trimming or removing trees growing close to power lines. Not only does tree trimming make space for the new infrastructure, but it also improves electric reliability for customers in the area right away. 

To learn more about this project and the work we have been doing, visit the following links. 

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