DTE Energy is dedicated to constructing a smarter, stronger and more resilient grid to enhance reliability. Our commitment to our customers is to reduce power outages by 30% and to cut outage durations in half by 2029.  

As a part of our continued efforts to improve reliability, crews have been assigned to support our customers in Plymouth. Equipment was identified as needing crucial upgrades. Specifically, 12 power poles along Plymouth Road have been identified as needing some reliability upgrades. This busy thoroughfare is getting a wide variety of pole top upgrades, including new wire, cross-arms, connectors, and more. There are power poles be replaced as well. All this work is being done to provide more modern and durable equipment, for better performance and reliability, especially during extreme weather.  

Recently, at the corner of Plymouth Road and Eckles Road, our crews were busy working and completing a portion of these upgrades. The specific pole seen here was recently installed along with all necessary pole-top equipment upgrades. Customers nearby can expect to see an increase in their day-to-day reliability when this work is done.  

This upgrading work is part of DTE’s plan to build the grid of the future. That plan, now well underway, also includes transitioning to a smart grid, rebuilding significant portions of the grid and trimming trees.   

To stay informed about ongoing projects in Plymouth and elsewhere, you can explore DTE Energy’s Power Improvements Map or visit empoweringmichigan.com