Storms, floods, fires, tornadoes, massive power outages – we’ve seen our share unfortunately here in Michigan. When they occur, are you prepared? How about your children?

This week prepare your young children for potential disaster. Taking steps to prepare kids for natural disasters can help reduce anxiety if something happens.

Here are a few tips to calm your child’s fears about natural disasters:
• Create a disaster family plan. Gather your family and talk about which crisis your family is most at risk for, how to prepare and what to do if it does happen. Create an evacuation plan, which includes a meeting spot near your home, and practice getting there. 
• Prepare a disaster kit. Allow your children to help you gather the supplies for the kit; this will reassure them that you are prepared. Here is a list of what your kit should include. It is also recommended that you add your children’s favorite snacks and activities.
• Hold disaster drills in your house. Disaster drills are a great way to review what to do during a crisis. Practice drills regularly with role playing until your kid gets the hang of it.

If you do not have an emergency plan in place with your kids, create one today. It is better to be prepared not scared.

For more tips and information on how you can prepare your youth, visit https://www.ready.gov/kids.