Summer in Michigan brings heat and humidity. As the outdoor temperatures climb, so does your energy use. We have tips to help you manage your energy use on these extreme hot weather days, so you can stay cool and comfortable all summer long and save money on your energy bill.

      • Run your ceiling fan in a counterclockwise direction to cool down. Remember to turn off your fan when you leave the room – ceiling fans are for cooling people, not the room.
      • On the hottest days, dialing up the thermostat by only two degrees or to the recommended 78 degrees, and using your ceiling fan, can lower air conditioning costs by up to 14% over the course of the cooling season.
      • Change your air filter at least every 3 months, or when it appears dirty. A dirty filter slows down the air flow causing your AC to work harder and run longer. A clean filter allows your AC to run more efficiently, therefore reducing wasted energy.
      • Make sure rugs, drapes, furniture or toys are not blocking the air flow from your cooling registers. Blocked air flow causes the AC to work harder, run longer and waste energy.
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      • Download the free DTE Insight app to help track your energy usage this summer and take steps to reduce energy use and save on your energy bill. 

Learn more about how to stay cool and keep your energy cost down this summer, visit dteenergy.com/summer.