As the temperatures finally return to typical February weather and this front of extreme cold is behind us, winter is still here and DTE will continue to have your back in providing reliable natural gas to meet all your energy needs.

We consciously plan for whatever Michigan winters can throw at us to ensure we have enough natural gas available to heat homes and power businesses 24/7. 

So that we can keep you warm even on the coldest days, we buy large quantities of natural gas during the summer when demand is low and store it underground throughout winter, ensuring we have ample supply as demand increases. 

Our system is also designed to handle the extreme cold of Michigan winters, using standards against the coldest weather historically experienced in Michigan for the last 70 years.  For example, the majority of our natural gas infrastructure consists of below-grade pipelines that are installed at depths below freezing level, so liquids won’t freeze. We also process our gas to further remove moisture and install heaters at our regulator stations to prevent freezing.


These are just a couple of examples of the many ways we prepare for frigid temperatures.  

We’re doing our part to ensure you can too.