Ann Arbor has a goal to achieve 100% renewable energy by 2030 and DTE Energy is committed to helping the city meet this target. In fact, between DTE’s current wind and solar projects and local participation in the company’s MIGreenPower voluntary renewable energy program, Ann Arbor is already 30% of the way to its goal. DTE sees that percentage increasing to more than 50% over the next two years. 

As DTE Electric customers, all Ann Arbor residents already receive 15% renewable energy as part of their energy mix. In addition, more than 14,000 Washtenaw County residential and small business customers participate in MIGreenPower as do the University of Michigan, Washtenaw Community College, Ann Arbor Public Schools, Ann Arbor Spark and others. Both Scio and Pittsfield townships have also recently signed on. Just this month, Toyota Motor North America announced that it was enrolling all its Michigan Research and Development operations in the program. The company’s 20-year agreement will begin in 2026 and put the company on a path to achieve 100% renewable energy for its seven Washtenaw County facilities.

“I’m proud of the work DTE is doing to create a cleaner future for Michigan, and I’m equally proud of my Ann Arbor community for its commitment to sustainability,” said Knox Cameron, director, Renewable Solutions. Cameron manages the MIGreenPower program and has lived in Ann Arbor for more than 20 years.

So how does MIGreenPower work? Customers who enroll in MIGreenPower can attribute even more of their electricity use to DTE’s wind and solar projects beyond the 15% already provides. Customer participation brings more clean energy to the grid and accelerates the development of new renewable energy projects. DTE currently has 20 wind parks and 33 solar projects online that generate enough clean energy to power more than 750,000 homes and the company plans to add four new solar projects by 2024 due to customer interest in MIGreenPower. 

While MIGreenPower customers pay a small subscription fee to be part of the program, they also receive energy and capacity credits for the clean energy produced and delivered to the grid. Due to current market conditions, the energy and capacity credits exceed the program’s subscription fee, so customers can enroll now at no additional cost to their monthly bill.  

For more information about MIGreenPower, visit dteenergy.com/migreenpower.