Evelyn Danish, western region gas operations analyst, is doing her part to help her community. A Big Rapids native, Danish set up a mask and gloves basket on her front porch to help those in need, complete with a hand sanitizer station to help keep neighbors safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I have a note out there to let people know if they need anything else to just let me know,” said Danish. “I had a stock pile of disposable gloves before the outbreak – I am a glove fanatic.”

Her neighbors have responded well to the basket and have also offered their own support. “Some have supplies on hand and have offered up services and goods,” said Danish. “One neighbor went around and chalked out a bunch of games in front of all the driveways and homes for the neighborhood to do.”

Danish transferred from working at the Detroit Headquarters office to Big Rapids in June of 2004 and immediately settled into her new community.  “My family and I moved from a tight-knit suburban neighborhood with postage stamped sized yards and a tree, to almost two acres and trees and woods galore,” said Danish. “Our house sits on a corner of a half mile ‘circle’ that kids have been riding bicycles and going back and forth from house to house since the subdivision was built in the early 1970’s. The core neighborhood kids grew up together mostly playing games in our big yard.”

When the pandemic hit, Danish knew she had to help out. “Once the virus broke out and realization sat in, we all wanted to help one another,” said Danish.  “Checking on neighbors who aren’t online in person, getting the word back to each other if someone needs help, that kind of thing.  I am invested in my neighbors – they are my dog walking buddies, my ‘hey – do you have a cup of sugar so I don’t have to go to town right now’ neighbors, my ‘emergency relief’ neighbors. People inspire me. Caring for people inspires me, love inspires me, helping inspires me. My faith in Christ inspires me.” 

David Herr, western region gas operations manager, was not surprised by Danish looking out for her neighbors. “Evelyn is a great employee that always has the best interest of others at heart in all she does,” said Herr. “She’s the first to offer input and suggestions no matter what the situation or topic is.  She exemplifies the Safety and Caring Service Keys both at work and in her community, and I thank her for her dedication and passion.”