As part of DTE’s four-prong plan of grid improvement keeping the power on for our customers, we have teams inspect our poles to make sure they are strong enough to support the equipment that powers our communities. To do that, we take a sample of wood and assess how sturdy the pole is.  

In Livonia, a utility pole weakened from years of weathering. The electrical equipment and wires attached to this pole deliver power to many homes and businesses in the area, so our underground and overhead crews came together to safely remove the equipment and replace the pole, while keeping the power on for customers.  

Maintenance like this helps keep power flowing now and reduces the chances of outages in the future. As we continue to improve our infrastructure, we are laser focused on initiatives that provide reliable energy like pole replacement as well as tree trimming. 

Upgrading and maintaining our electrical equipment is just one component of our plan to increase reliability for customers. We are also trimming trees, rebuilding older sections of the grid and investing in smart grid technology that allows us to reroute power to customers during an outage.  

You may see more of our crews in the coming months as part of our accelerated electric reliability projects in your area, including more tree trimming, maintenance, and infrastructure updates. All these projects are underway to improve your service and reliability in the short and long term. 

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