For Demetrio Dockery, taking care of the people in his community is more than just a part of his job at DTE – it’s his entire life. 

As a Gas Operations Supervisor in Muskegon County since 2021, Demetrio leads 21 team members who take care of field service work, MISSDIGs and meter readings, and he also stays in contact with customers to assist with their individual needs. Living in the same community he serves makes his job a lot more meaningful.  

On top of his role with DTE, Demetrio has been the pastor at New Light Baptist Church in Muskegon since 2019. He leads weekly sermons, counseling, bible study, weddings and funerals. “I’ve known since I was a kid that this was what I wanted to do,” he said. “But I didn’t know how to accept my calling until later in life.” 

Because Demetrio is well known in the community, he is the perfect face for our company’s gas team in Muskegon County. “The community is small, and I’m a face that people trust. I have existing relationships that I can leverage in my job at DTE,” he said.

Lately, his church has organized several community events to help those in need. “Many people in this area are below the federal poverty line. The school dropout rate and absenteeism are high because kids do not have the proper resources to succeed in school,” said Demetrio.

That’s why his church started an annual back-to-school event, which helps kids not only get the supplies that they need for class but also helps them with their appearance so that they have the confidence to succeed. The church’s event offers kids backpacks with school supplies, haircuts, hair braiding, teeth cleaning and physicals – all for free. The church also hosts toy drives around the holidays. 

As seen through his various roles in the Muskegon community, Demetrio’s passion is serving others. “My entire life revolves around serving people. Everything I do involves having conversations with people,” he said. On top of his two full-time jobs, Demetrio is also a husband, dad and coach for a local sports team. “I enjoy being a resource for people. It’s my calling.”