DTE Energy is committed to reducing the number of outages for customers by 30% and shorten outage times in half by 2029. To help make this happen, we’re transitioning to a smart grid. This work is happening right now all across the communities we serve in southeast Michigan and the Thumb.

Recently, our crews worked to install a smart grid device called a recloser. Secured on top of power poles, this technology is designed to do three main things: 

  • Improve safety. Reclosers can automatically detect and deenergize downed wires that previously would have remained energized, helping to keep customers safe. Remember to still stay at least 25 feet away from a downed wire and always treat them as if they are energized.  
  • Pinpoint damage locations that cause outages, so crews can arrive at the area of damage faster and begin making repairs.  
  • Reroute power during an outage, so we can restore power for many of our customers while crews make repairs.  

These smart grid devices will help keep power on for more DTE customers, especially during extreme weather. In fact, they are expected to help reduce the duration of power outages by up to 50%.  

We plan to install 10,000 reclosers in our service area through 2028.

In addition to speeding up that smart grid transition, we are also upgrading existing infrastructure, rebuilding significant portions of the grid and trimming trees.   Read more about our work happening in your area at empoweringmichigan.com.