Are you considering installing a natural gas-fueled whole home generator?  

Before you invest in a generator, you should consider how it will affect your natural gas service.  

A whole home generator typically runs on natural gas or propane fuel, which means it will consume large amounts of gas or propane when it’s operating. Depending on the size and capacity of your generator, you may need to upgrade your natural gas meter, propane tank and/or service line to ensure there is enough supply to meet the demand of both your generator and your existing gas appliances.  

Please contact DTE before you install a whole home generator. You can start this process by calling 1.800.338.0178 to place a service alteration request.  

When you place a new natural gas service alteration request, we will: 

  • Schedule a natural gas technician to visit your property within six to eight weeks and assess your current gas equipment, and the work required to perform your upgrade if needed. Our team will advise you on whether your current natural gas service is sufficient for a whole home generator, or if you need to make any upgrades to your meter or service line. 
  • If an upgrade is required, our engineering team will prepare plans that ensure you will have natural gas equipment that is specifically designed for your needs to adequately support your usage. 
  • Provide you with a cost estimate and timeline to perform your upgrade. 

By contacting us before installing a whole home generator, you can ensure your natural gas service is compatible with your generator, and you won’t be left with lower-than-normal natural gas pressure. Questions? Call us at 1.800.338.0178.

If you choose to use a smaller generator, please follow the recommended safety tips on our blog