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This Month in Michigan History: The Toledo Strip

Ask anyone: Michigan has had a friendly rivalry with Ohio for what feels like forever. May it be on the gridiron or competition in auto industry exports, our neighbors to the south often feel like an unruly sibling as part of the larger Midwestern family. This relationship goes back centuries, to the time where Michigan […]


This month in Michigan history: Detroit-Windsor Tunnel opens

For Michiganders, our neighbor to the north feels like a distant cousin, sharing important sites like Sault Ste. Marie, a distinct love for hockey, and even accents and slang words. The friendship was naturally borne out of sharing 721 miles of borders, and mutual reliance on the Great Lakes to start and grow our economies. […]


This month in Michigan history: National Lakeshores

Did you know Michigan has seven total designated national parks, areas, trails, or lakeshores? In the month of October alone, two of the seven were established and dedicated within the category of National Lakeshore: Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. Holding two out of only four spots designated as National Lakeshores […]


This month in Michigan history: Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum

If you want to be immersed in Michigan history, then look no further than the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum in Grand Rapids. Its floors track the fascinating life and career of President Ford, and were dedicated to him in name on September 6, 1987. He and his wife Betty were interred side-by-side at the […]


This month in Michigan history: Founding Wayne State University

Industry, Intelligence, Integrity. These are the words that define Wayne State University, established in Detroit, Michigan on August 8, 1833. The institution actually started as a collection of smaller, highly specialized schools in the “Colleges of the City of Detroit” before being brought under the Wayne State umbrella. This happened due to the extraordinary vision […]


This month in Michigan history – July

Continuing in our ‘This Month in Michigan History’ series, we take a look at seven fascinating events that took place in our state during the month of July. Be sure to check out what happened in April, May and June for more great info. July 11, 1796: A United States flag is hoisted and flown […]


This month in Michigan history: June

Last month, we shared some fascinating events that took place in our state’s history and now we’re back again. From the opening of Michigan’s first hospital to the first Michigander in space, there’s been a lot to celebrate in the month of June. Read on for some interesting facts that took place in Michigan during […]


This month in Michigan history: May

Michigan’s history is full of fascinating events, ordeals and celebrations. You can look at almost any individual month in the state’s history and find something of note, which is especially true in the month of May. Read on for some interesting facts that took place in Michigan during May, courtesy of the Historical Society of […]


This month in Michigan history: Apple blossoms

According to historical records Michigan chose its state flower, the apple blossom, on April 28, 1897. Happy 120th anniversary apple blossom! So what is so special about this state flower selection? It was only fitting since Michigan is the third largest producer of apples in the country, behind Washington and New York. These little flowers […]