It’s the most wonderful time of the year, North American International Auto Show (NAIAS)! AKA The Detroit Auto Show is finally here through September 25, 2022! After a few years off, the event is back and bigger than ever. We’re so excited to explore all the attractions, vehicles on the show floor and live entertainment. & If you head over to Beacon Park (located on Grand River and First Street and open to the public every day 6 am- 10 pm) you can check out these events and meet some of our team!

DTE’s EV Garage | September 16-25

Experience several different makes and models of EV’s first-hand and find out how we can help you along your EV journey. (& Stay up to date with our future EV Connections on our website!)

DTE’s Energy Den | September 16-25

Our Energy Den provides an immersive and inviting experience for visitors to learn the benefits of natural gas. From an interactive kitchen, outdoor living space and fact-finding scavenger hunt, you’ll walk away learning how to save money and stay safe. Plus, you can win prizes just for stopping by!

Month of Design | September 17-30

Month of Design: Experience the beauty of natural stone products by Cambria through Blasius in a sustainability-focused gallery installation at Beacon Park. As an American-made, family-owned company, Cambria is committed to the well-being of customers, team, community and the environment. Interior designers, architects, building and homeowners, and all design enthusiasts are welcome to enjoy, touch, and photograph large slab sections while they learn more about the product.

The Last Ocean Installation | September 20-26

The Last Ocean Installation is an expansive landscape of interactive platforms created from reclaimed ocean plastic, evocative of a luminescent ice field composed of beautiful geometric tessellations. The work seeks to inspire and educate, and its use of reclaimed ocean plastic impacts the recovery of our oceans and our planet.