In Livonia, there are sections of the grid that have infrastructure that is over 40 years. The wires and poles that have previously supported the electric energy in the city are in need of an upgrade and crews are working to rebuild significant portions of the grid. This is done as a part of our four-point plan to increase reliability along with tree trimming, updating existing sections of the grid and accelerating our transition to a smart grid.  

When this job is completed, there will be all new wire which will serve as a better conductor of electricity and be more resistant to extreme weather. This new wire is made of copper reinforced by aluminum. This improvement will result in better conductivity and less interruptions to the power for electric customers. 8 wooden poles will also be replaced as with steel poles which are more equipped to support the thicker wires and other essential pole-top equipment. These new steel poles are light weight, have a longer life expectancy than wooden poles, remain their strength over time, and are impervious to insects and decay.  

Crews first lay the preexisting wires onto hot arms, which serve as temporary extensions of crossarms. This allows for the wires to be spread out enough to install the new wires. Once the new wire is set in place, it is energized, and the old wire is torn down. The entire job will take about three weeks to complete and —to stay up to date with other upgrades we are making in Livonia, you can check our electric reliability improvements map.