DTE Energy recently joined the elite ranks of global businesses by achieving ISO 9001:2015 certification. The certification recognizes DTE’s Quality Management System (QMS), which is a system designed to deliver high-quality experiences for our customers. This certification ensures DTE has the policies and procedures in place to create a better dialogue and trust between the company and its customers. 

What does that mean for DTE’s customers? Customers can now expect certain behaviors, interactions and attentiveness since DTE earned ISO 9001:2015 certification. This world-class designation means DTE is:

  • Constantly looking to improve our processes and create better experiences for our customers.
  • Developing standardized documents and records so employees can consistently follow processes and deliver positive, reinforced feedback to our customers.
  • Building a strong culture of world-class quality throughout our Customer Service organization.
  • Communicating to customers through an extensive variety of channels, such as the DTE app, to ensure we are available to customers through a multitude of pathways.
  • Analyzing gaps and defects in customer complaints to resolve issues efficiently while fixing them for future scenarios.
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction ratings are satisfactory or higher by evaluating all post-call survey results.

DTE is on a mission to become the best operated Customer Service organization, and this achievement is the next milestone closer to that goal. DTE is also in the process of onboarding net promoter score (NPS) pulse surveys to understand customer feedback and sentiment in a timely and efficient manner. NPS will replace JD Power rankings and awards as its official customer sentiment tool going forward.

DTE’s ISO 9001:2015 certification builds on ISO 10018:2012 that Customer Service earned in 2019, which recognizes companies for creating an environment of highly engaged employees in order to provide a better overall experience for all customers and stakeholders. DTE was the first organization in the world awarded with 10018:2012 when it occurred in 2019.