Thousands of families across the state struggle to pay their energy bills, but we believe no customer should go without light or heat. Before cold weather arrives and energy use and bills increase, it’s important for our customers to know there is assistance available, even for customers who have had their service disconnected. 

If you are a senior citizen, or someone you know is a senior citizen (above 62 years of age), who has had electric or natural gas service disconnected this year, we’re here to help. Follow the steps below to restore your service. 

  1. Call us at 1.800.477.4747 to restore your service. You’ll be connected to a representative who can review your account and restore your service. 
  2. Review energy assistance programs while you’re talking with one of our customer service representatives. You may qualify for certain programs that ensure a stable and affordable monthly bill.  
  3. Call 2.1.1 if you need financial assistance with your monthly payments. Agencies can help you with new funding methods and government assistance.  

The sooner you call to restore your service, the more payment options and programs will be available to you. You can learn more about assistance programs at dteenergy.com/help