DTE Energy is committed to providing you with the safe and reliable natural gas you need to warm your home, cook your meals, dry your clothes and more.

Natural gas is a part of daily life and following safety best practices throughout your home is critical. Together, we can ensure the safe delivery and use of the natural gas you need throughout the year. Here’s how:

  • DTE is responsible for bringing natural gas to the meter at your home, the safe functionality of the meter itself, and the pipe that runs from the meter into your home.
    • We need your help ensuring the meter is in safe condition by keeping it free of leaves, branches and other obstructions, including snow and ice build-up in the winter.
  • You are responsible for the maintenance and repairs to natural gas appliances and pipes inside your property as well as exterior features fed with natural gas such as an outdoor natural gas grill or natural gas-fueled pool heater.

It’s also important to keep these natural gas safety tips in mind:

  • Please ensure your natural gas appliances are properly installed, vented and maintained.
  • Consider hiring a licensed professional each year to check all your natural gas appliances and perform timely repairs if needed.
  • Also consider scheduling a yearly inspection of your flues, vents and chimneys to ensure they are clear of debris and in proper working condition.
  • Appliances not working correctly are at risk of creating carbon monoxide (CO) buildup in your home. CO is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas that is very hazardous. Install carbon monoxide detectors on a wall or ceiling near all sleeping areas in your home to detect the presence of carbon monoxide.
  • Keep the area around your heating equipment clean and don’t let storage or your belongings block airflow.
  • DTE technicians and our contractors must be able to easily access your meter to perform periodic safety checks and routine maintenance, or critical tasks in an emergency. Keep a clear path and avoid blocking the meter with walls, decks or fencing.
  • Further decrease the risk of carbon monoxide in your home by trimming tall grass, weeds and greenery around your meter and natural gas exhaust and intakes.
  • Don’t hang objects on natural gas lines.

Most importantly, if you suspect a natural gas leak, leave the area immediately, go to a safe area where you no longer smell natural gas, and call 9-1-1 before calling DTE at 800.947.5000.

Learn more natural gas safety tips at dteenergy.com/gassafety.