DTE is improving electric reliability for our customers in the Grandmont-Rosedale area by trimming trees that have grown into power lines and may cause outages. This work is important because 50% of the time that our customers are without power can be attributed to trees damaging our equipment.  DTE has trimmed in two Grandmont-Rosedale locations recently, first near the intersection of Eaton Street and Rutherford Street (pictured) and at the intersection of Chalfonte Street and Prevost Street.  

Crews first identify overgrown trees that have encroached on power lines or foliage that can interrupt power distribution in extreme weather. Crews then safely block off the area where the work is happening and section off a “drop-zone” where branches could fall during the job. After the overgrown limbs are cut and the wires are cleared, crews then put the branches in a woodchipper and clean the remaining fallen foliage.  

Tree trimming is a vital component of our four-point plan to improve reliability for our customers. By the end of 2025, we will have trimmed every mile of our grid – and tree trimming will continue on a five-year cycle to ensure that we continue to keep trees away from our equipment and help keep the power on for our customers. 

To stay up to date with our tree trimming, please visit our electric reliability improvements map. This map highlights where our crews will be through the remainder of 2023 and the work taking place in your area.