This story is part one in a four part series explaining steps in the tree trimming process.

Trees can create an enjoyable view for landscape around homes, but some trees may be a risk for causing electrical problems. Our tree crews are responsible for inspecting and, as necessary, trimming trees that could be a potential risk. Planners go out and assess the trees and work with foremen to decide which trees need to be worked on and in what location. Planners give detailed instructions involving the job and are always looking out for hazards. Hazards can be anything damaged like poles, branches, and wires. 

 The first thing tree trimmers do is deenergize the system. They analyze all aspects of the job and area surroundings and then determine needed equipment. If trucks are unable to fit in the area needed to reach certain branches, workers will tie themselves in and climb the tree with equipment. While trimming, workers stay aware of what is below them. They do not want to injure people or destroy customer yards with falling debris. 

Click here for part two which will focus on the adjustments tree trimmers make during winter months.