In 1909, Woodward Avenue became the very first paved road in the United States. Woodward soon turned into the main entry way for citizens to get to and from Downtown Detroit, many of them working for the automotive industry that started to boom after World War II.

Over 120 years later, another Detroit road is hitting a major “first” …. Michigan Avenue will be the first road in the United States to charge electric vehicles while they drive, park, and even wait at traffic lights. This technology by ElectReon, the developer of the in-road charging system, was made possible in Detroit thanks to the Michigan Department of Transportation’s (MDOT) Induction Vehicle Charging Pilot (IVCP) and investment by DTE.

This pilot aids in reducing range anxiety for EV drivers, although many of today’s EVs can go 300 miles on a single charge. Plus, it is a great time for Michiganders to purchase or lease an EV because there are great cash incentives from us and the government. We offer $500 when you install a qualified EV charger, there are thousands in federal tax credits for EV drivers and Governor Whitmer proposed an additional $2,000 for purchasing a new EV and $500 for in-home charging.

The Motor City is on the road to electrification, and we want to support you, our customers, with all the resources to make it easier for you to make the switch to an EV. You can compare EVs and hybrids in our EV Showroom, learn more about rebates with Charging Forward, or find EV charging near you all on our website. Cruising never looked so good.

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