DTE’s four-point plan is focused on strengthening our grid. We are committed to rebuilding the underground and overhead infrastructure that delivers power throughout Oakland County. This work includes upgrading equipment such as switches, transformers and poles.  

Recently, crews were in Lake Orion replacing a pole that had become weak at its base and begun to lean. Crews were able to safely remove the old pole without disrupting power to the local area and installed the new one to help ensure a future of safe and reliable energy in Lake Orion. This project is a part of our commitment to improve overhead and underground equipment, including installing new utility poles, power lines, transformers in the area. We also are trimming trees and incorporating smart technology into the system, which will help automatically reroute power to many customers during an outage.    

This work is needed to help our infrastructure become resilient in the face of increasingly extreme weather as well as improving our customers’ overall safety and reliability. Jobs like this will also increase our grid’s capacity to meet the future energy needs of the communities we serve. 

You can Learn more about this project and our four-point plan at empoweringmichigan.com/reliability-improvements.