DTE crews have been hard at work in front of Union Street Detroit, which is a popular restaurant that has served downtown Detroit neighborhoods on Woodward Ave since 1984. Overhead crews replaced the service line, which delivers energy from the nearby substation to the business. A new pole was also installed since the previous pole was beyond its useful life and could have been compromised during an extreme weather event. New pole-top equipment was also installed to increase reliability.  


We know how important it is to keep the lights on for our business customers, so our crews avoid temporarily turning off power by wearing special protective gloves when handling the old wires and equipment. This ensures that the businesses being serviced are still operational and do not have to have the power off while our crews are working – and, more importantly, keeps our crews safe while they’re doing the work. The job was completed the same day, and the restaurant can continue to do business and look forward to more reliable energy.