Construction is underway in the village of Clarkston where our crews are upgrading the electric grid to support new development. Upgrading infrastructure is an important part of the DTE four-point plan to improve electric reliability, which also includes trimming trees, rebuilding significant portions of the grid and accelerating our transition to a smart grid.  

Our crews were recently at Dixie Hwy and Deer Lake Road, where the village plans to build new restaurants. To support the new developments, crews have been relocating and updating poles that will deliver power to surrounding businesses and homes.  

Crews first deconstructed the poles and removed the essential pole-top equipment. Next, they relocated the poles the new business zone and secured them tightly in place to help ensure they can withstand extreme weather. Crews fitted the poles with new cables, fuses, connectors and fiberglass cross arms (a more durable alternative to the previous wooden ones). Finally, they reenergized the lines.  

To stay up to date with where upgrades are taking place, visit the DTE electric reliability improvements map. You can also read more about the upgrades happening in Oakland County by visiting our community blog page.