DTE crews have been in northwest and downtown Ann Arbor rebuilding significant portions of our grid as a part of our four point plan to increase electric reliability. To do this, we are investing $20 million to install miles of new, stronger utility poles, wires and cables, transformers and electrical equipment. We’re also trimming or removing trees that grow close to power lines.  

This work will help improve reliability, safety and the grid’s capacity to support clean energy solutions like electric vehicles. It will also help us connect more wind, solar and battery storage to the grid in the future.  

 The rebuild is nearly complete in northwest and downtown Ann Arbor. As we finish up the last bit of the rebuilding work, we have started switching some customers in the area to the new power delivery system, which will result in a significant increase in their reliability. All customers in these areas of the city will be converted over to the new system at the beginning of 2024. 

In addition to rebuilding in the northwest and downtown areas, we are also rebuilding the infrastructure that powers northeast, southeast and the west side of Ann Arbor. We have already started work in the northeast and will begin in the other areas in the coming years. 

Stay up to date on work happening throughout Ann Arbor at empoweringmichigan.com/washtenaw-county/annarbor.