Washtenaw County stands as a vibrant hub within Michigan, encompassing more than a million residents. These residents rely on DTE Energy daily for their essential gas and electricity needs. Yet, the true catalysts behind the integration of services and community are DTE’s diligent and dedicated regional and relationship managers.

Molly Luempert-Coy

Championing community support and collaboration, regional and relationship managers serve as crucial liaisons between the company and the diverse inner workings of the community. Not only do they share resources – such as safety information, local reliability work and energy efficiency supplies – but they also function as conduits, channeling the voice and needs of the community back to the heart of DTE’s operations. 

Molly Luempert-Coy, regional manager of Washtenaw, Monroe, and Lenawee counties, recently celebrated her 30th year as a DTE team member. “I cherish the opportunity to invest my time, talent, and resources to improve the quality of life in our region,” said Luempert-Coy. 

DTE’s managers work tirelessly with various partners to address the community’s ever-changing needs. Like many regions across Michigan, the COVID-19 pandemic impacted Washtenaw residents, and its effects are still felt by many today. 

Marifer Calleja-Barrett

Marifer Calleja-Barrett, community affairs manager for Washtenaw County, has observed its resilience firsthand. “Our team has adapted alongside the community, becoming the go-to contact for all things DTE, Calleja-Barrett noted. “We’re broadening our reach to serve customers, listen to their experiences, and address their needs head-on.”

With a focus on reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy, regional and relationship managers work hand in hand with community organizations.

Given the recent extreme weather and storms, they have been on the ground working mobile command and outreach, meeting with customers, and serving as spokespeople connecting with emergency management efforts.

Outside of their DTE roles, this team breathes life into the Ann Arbor-area community. Their presence is widely known in the surrounding neighborhoods, from leadership roles in chambers of commerce to active involvement in various boards and foundations. The team continues to steer the course toward innovation, reliability, and community support alongside a team of passionate professionals at DTE.

For more information on DTE’s efforts in your community, visit EmpoweringMichigan.com. If you’re interested in speaking with a DTE representative or coordinating a speaking opportunity, contact DTEoutreach@dteenergy.com.

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