What did you want to be when you grew up? Depending on where you lived, you might have had a limited idea of what kind of careers were even available. A DTE-supported program in West Michigan aims to open students’ eyes to a variety of meaningful and exciting careers across Michigan. 

This week, October 19-23, is Careers in Energy Week, in which we join forces with energy companies and educators across the state to create awareness and visibility to in-demand careers in our industry. 

DTE is partnering with the Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals, Muskegon Area ISD and Mavin Global, a program to deliver career and workforce development education to young people across the state.  

What started as a summer literacy program has grown to a curriculum with year-round availability for young people. In this program, students have access to ‘career cards’ for a variety of jobs, where they can watch a video about a profession, read about skills needed to do the work, and connect the dots between what they’re learning now and how it can be applied to their future. 

So far, DTE has provided career cards mainly for wind technicians and jobs in our gas services, but we’ll be adding more to the program in the upcoming months 

The program is expected to reach over 15,000 students with several school districts joining as it continues to grow throughout the state. 

Many companies, such as Meijer and Consumers Energy, have supported this with a variety of cards to give students a wide range of career exploration ideas. 

“As a minority-owned business, Mavin Holdings has been proud to partner with companies like DTE, organizations like MASSP, MAISD, Talent 2025, Northview Public Schools, and many other superintendents, principals, counselors, and teachers throughout Michigan to build a free digital platform upon which to spread the word about the amazing career opportunities available in the energy industry and provide relevance to the skills taught in classrooms every day,” says Sai Naik, Mavin Holdings CEO. “Through this partnership we hope to increase the quantity, quality, and diversity of job ready candidates and provide true equity in education and economic opportunity for all students.”     

“Partnerships are key in our career awareness outreach efforts,” says Tracy DiSanto, manager, Workforce Planning, Development and Compliance. “DTE is looking ahead to a critical shortage in key jobs in the energy industry, and we want young people to know that they can find good-paying, rewarding careers in energy.”