DTE Energy is dedicated to constructing a smarter, stronger, more resilient grid to enhance reliability. Our commitment to customers is to reduce power outages by 30% and to cut outage durations in halfby 2029.  

DTE is currently installing 200 new power poles to the Mexicantown area of southwest Detroit.  Our front-line crews and engineers have been busy identifying which older poles and other vital infrastructure need upgrades. These upgrades can be as simple as replacing the cross arms, or the connectors, or can be a full facelift of the equipment with a brand-new power pole and accompanying pole top equipment.  

On the corner of Lawndale Street and Chamberlain Street, crews were executing a full infrastructure upgrade to a pole. New, more durable cross-arms, new connectors, have been installed to this stronger pole. Many locations in and around Mexicantown are due for a full overhaul in upgrades. Customers in this area should expect to see major improvements in reliability, specifically during extreme weather conditions.  

DTE is building the grid of the future. That plan includes transitioning to a smart grid, upgrading existing infrastructure, rebuilding significant portions of the grid and trimming trees. These are at the core of our plan as we work to increase reliability in Detroit and the many other communities we serve.   

To stay informed about ongoing projects you can explore DTE Energy’s power improvements mapor visit Empowering Michigan’s reliability improvements webpage.