DTE Energy is dedicated to constructing a smarter, stronger and more resilient grid to improve reliability. Our commitment to customers is to reduce power outages by 30% and to cut outage durations in half by 2029.  

New power poles are always an important part of our equipment upgrades, when and where needed. Sometimes, that’s because the pole to be replaced is old and weathered, as well as the equipment on top of it. But it can also be due to sudden, extreme weather events. 

That’s what happened recently in Livingston County, north of Fowlerville in Conway Township, where high winds broke a DTE pole. 

Our team arrived at the rural work site along Chase Lake Road, where some tricky access well away from the road posed a challenge to getting the new pole in and the other broken pole removed. The crew was able to access an easement through a heavily wooded area, getting the old pole down and new pole set in the ground, ready to energize the line for our customers again. 

This kind of upgrading work is part of DTE’s plan to build the grid of the future. That plan includes transitioning to a smart grid, upgrading existing infrastructure, rebuilding significant portions of the grid and trimming trees. These are at the core of our plan as we work to increase reliability in Fowlerville, Conway Township and the many other communities we serve.    

To stay informed about ongoing projects you can explore DTE Energy’s electric reliability improvements mapor visit Empowering Michigan’s reliability improvements webpage.