What is our most finite resource? Many would say time. It’s something we can’t get back, and how we use it matters. One important way Trailblazer Rodney Cole, president, DTE Energy Foundation and Corporate Citizenship, uses his time is giving back to the communities he serves through mentoring.

“I was fortunate to have people in every stage of my career pour into me and mentor me, which is why it’s important for me to do the same for others,” he says. “If someone thinks enough of you to want your thoughts and opinions, that’s a high honor.”

REACH recently celebrated Rodney and this year’s other Trailblazers Henry Sapp and Doris Seabrook, with events in Detroit and Grand Rapids.

“It’s incredibly meaningful to me to be named as a Trailblazer in particular coming from REACH,” says Rodney. “When you’re selected by a group of your peers, it makes it more special. Sometimes we get attention because of something you do, but this award is about what others think about who you are as a person.”