DTE Energy is inviting the public to learn about and provide input on how the company will transform its generation mix to provide reliable, affordable and cleaner energy that will power Michigan’s future.

The series of public open houses will be held virtually, giving community members the opportunity to ask questions and provide comments about how DTE plans to meet Michigan’s energy needs.

DTE is committed to achieving net-zero carbon and greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. This means retiring older, coal-fired generation that have served our state for nearly 100 years; investing in cleaner sources of energy like wind, solar, and natural gas; and reducing overall demand through energy efficiency waste reduction and demand response programs.

“As DTE reduces carbon emissions, it is imperative that we carve the right path forward,” said Trevor Lauer, president and COO, DTE Electric. “Getting our customers’ input early in the process ensures what matters most to them is taken into consideration as we work to achieve the right balance of energy sources that will provide cleaner, affordable, reliable and secure power to our 2.2 million customers for decades to come.”

DTE will submit its long-term CleanVision Plan, known as an Integrated Resource Plan (IRP), with the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) in October 2022. Once the IRP is submitted, the commission has approximately one year to review the plan.

PUBLIC MEETINGS: Both daytime and evening meetings have been scheduled to accommodate varying schedules. Meeting details can be found at dtecleanenergy.com as we get closer to the event dates. We ask that you please plan on joining the call 5 minutes prior to the start of the meeting.   

2022 CleanVision Plan Public Open House Meetings



Additional Information

January 18

•Introduction to CleanVision Plan

•Overview of Integrated Resource Planning

•Presentation, recordings and transcripts posted on website

February 22

•Renewable Energy Overview

•Introduction to Emerging Technologies

•1:00 pm: Teams Live LINK

•6:00 pm: Teams Live LINK

March 22

•Energy Waste Reduction and Demand Response


•1:00 pm: Teams Live LINK

•6:00 pm: Teams Live LINK

April 19

•Coal Plant Retirements and Transition (i.e., Retire with PRIDE)

•Grid Modernization and Reliability

•1:00 pm: Teams Live LINK

•6:00 pm: Teams Live LINK

Pre-registration for the public meetings is not required; contact information, frequently asked questions, event logistics, and any presentations will be posted at: dtecleanenergy.com

Visit our website: dtecleanenergy.com
Email us: DTE_Electric_CleanVision@dteenergy.com