Reducing your carbon footprint is easier than you might think – and Washtenaw County residents are taking that to heart. The county has implemented a number of green initiatives over the last 15 years, outlined a sustainability blueprint moving forward and has embraced clean energy through various programs.

Washtenaw County residents have also committed themselves to creating a better future for generations to come. More than 1,095 customers are enrolled in two of DTE Energy’s CleanVision programs – MIGreenPower and Natural Gas Balance.

MIGreenPower empowers customers to participate in DTE’s large-scale wind and solar projects by attributing a percentage of their electrical use to renewable energy. Natural Gas Balance customers offset between 25% and 100% of an average home’s natural gas usage when they enroll in the program by helping protect forests across the Upper Peninsula and supporting the advancement of non-fossil fuels with renewable natural gas.

DTE challenged Washtenaw County residents to enroll in both CleanVision programs by the end of Earth Month. If an additional 105 customers enroll, the company is promising to plant 20 trees directly in Washtenaw County as a celebration of residents’ commitment to sustainability. If customers meet this goal, 10 trees will be planted in Ann Arbor’s Bryant Neighborhood and another 10 will be planted at another Washtenaw County location (location to be determined) this fall. DTE Energy is working with Washtenaw County’s sustainability director to determine the second location.

MIGreenPower and Natural Gas Balance offer an easy, affordable way to:

  • Reduce environmental impact.
  • Commit to a cleaner Michigan.
  • Support a cleaner future for your family and generations to come.

The key to this challenge is enrolling in BOTH CleanVision programs by the end of April. If a customer is already enrolled in either MIGreenPower or Natural Gas Balance they simply need to enroll in the other to count toward this promotion.

Whether you’re in Washtenaw County or not, you too can make a difference in reducing your carbon footprint. Learn more about how these programs could impact our Michigan for generations to come at dteenergy.com/migreenpower and dteenergy.com/naturalgasbalance.