community transformation

By partnering with local nonprofits, we draw on their expertise and knowledge of local communities to transform neighborhoods and positively impact the success and growth of their residents. Our support aims to make the streets and neighborhoods we live in integral to the economic vitality of Michigan.

Priority will be given to organizations or initiatives that:

  • Improve community assets for residents’ use
  • Affect the creation of new local businesses
  • Effectively connect residents to programs that improve their quality of life
Detroit Bike Share

MoGo strives to be the nation’s best-in-class bike share program and a catalyst in making Detroit a leader in mobility. MoGo’s network of 430 on-demand bicycles and 43 self-serve stations is designed to complement existing transportation infrastructure, giving people more access to affordable transit choices that can best get them where they need to go.

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Eastern Market

Since it began in the 1800s, Eastern Market has gradually become a cornerstone, nourishing visitors by providing fresh and nutritious food throughout Southeastern Michigan. In more recent years, Eastern Market Corporation has built an infrastructure around the market to support its unwavering mission to enrich Detroit—nutritionally, culturally and economically.

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2018 Application calendar
All giving areas 

All giving areas
Application period: January 22- February 2
Decision made: May 25, 2018

All giving areas 
Application period: April 23 – May 4
Decision made: August 10, 2018

All giving areas 
Application period: July 23 – August 3
Decision made: November 16, 2018

All giving areas
Application period: October 22 – November 2
Decision made: February 8, 2019

2019 New application calendar
Community transformation

Application period

Application period

Review & decision


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