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frequently asked questions

When will I receive a decision on my application?

Organizations applying for grants within our six giving priority areas will receive a decision at the end of the applicable application period.

What are the application periods?
Click here to view our application periods.
What types of programs do you fund?

The DTE Energy Foundation primarily funds programs that align with the following six priority areas: arts and culturecommunity transformation, economic progress, education and employment, environmental progress and human needs. Racial justice is at the center of the Foundation’s grantmaking process. We ensure that we support racial justice and overall social justice when evaluating grants.

How will I receive funds for an approved grant?

Funding is conveniently sent through electronic funds transfer directly to our partner’s financial institutions. Approved grantees must complete the EFT forms and email to foundation@dteenergy.com

Are there geographical restrictions on funding from the DTE Energy Foundation?

Eligible nonprofits are 501(c)3 organizations classified as public charities that serve communities where DTE Energy has a business presence.

Who/what is not eligible for funding?
  • Private foundation, as defined in Section 509(a) of the Internal Revenue Code
  • Individuals (including those seeking direct scholarships)
  • Political parties, organizations or activities
  • Religious organizations for religious (denominational) purposes
  • Organizations that are not able to demonstrate commitment to equality and diversity (clients, staff and board composition)
  • Student group trips
  • Projects that may result in undue personal benefit to a member of the DTE Energy Foundation board or to any DTE Energy employee
  • Conferences, unless they are where DTE Energy has a business presence 
  • Hospitals, for building or equipment needs
What are the criteria for receiving a grant in one of the priority giving areas?

Eligible 501(c)3 organizations classified as public charities must be able to demonstrate impact that aligns with the goals of our six priority giving areas. Applications will be evaluated on the program’s ability to achieve quantifiable and measurable outcomes.

How do I reset my password?

To reset your password, you must follow the “Forgot Password” prompt from Blackbaud, the grant system administrator. Use the email address you provided to create your account. The DTE Energy Foundation does not have administrative access to reset your password.

What if my new password isn’t working?

When copying or entering your new password, do not include the period at the end of the password when you log in. Keep your unique password available because we do not have administrative access to reset.

Why did I receive an error message when clicking ‘submit’ on my application?

If you are unable to submit, please go back and review the application to ensure that you completed all the required fields and uploaded documents as prompted. Without the completed uploads, the system will not allow you to successfully submit your application.

As a grant recipient, what are my reporting requirements?

We greatly value grant reporting as it provides grantees the opportunity to share successes and demonstrate the impact of their work on the individuals, families and communities served. Additionally, grant reports educate the DTE Energy Foundation staff on challenges and barriers to successful operations, which helps us better the process for next time. Please email the grant report to foundation@dteenergy.com.

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